Mythe de Nuit 2012

Suzy Solidor – Mythe de Nuit
Running a nightclub, singing chansons at the bar, being an actress and model – Suzy Solidor was a true nightbird. The title of the necklace refers to her glamorous lifestyle. But as she was called the admiral which is also the name of a butterly, mythe de nuit plays likewise with the French word la mite (the moth).

Männer umschwirren mich wie Motten um das Licht, doch wenn sie verbrennen, ja dafür kann ich nichts (men are buzzing around me like moths around a light cone, but if they are getting burned, well, then I can’t help it) – the necklace fits this sentence from Marlene Dietrich song very well. A song maybe Suzy Solidor was singing too.

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